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We've partnered with Dolan Printing, our next door neighbors, to open great new creative possibilities.    We are printing directly onto solid wood, MDF and other substrates. Take an image you already have, a graphic or photograph taken for you, or even a stock photo and incorporate it into your design!

Our in house photographer & graphic designer can walk you thru the process as well as provide all the expertise and resources necessary to tailor something to your needs. 


Below is an example project showing the process from design to printing and final installation.  First our in house graphic designer, Drew Gray, laid out a custom design in Illustrator. You can be as hands on or off in this process as you wish!   Then the solid wood, rustic alder barn door and the design were brought across the parking lot to Dolan Printing where it was printed. Finally, a catalyzed lacquer top coat was applied to seal the design on the wood. The finished product is a 94"x54" barn door of solid alder,  nearly 2" thick, and hung on a sliding track in our showroom!


Below is another project which started out with a B&W stock image before getting sized and color toned to match a specific Benjamin Moore Color. This pattern was then printed across 4 doors on a cabinet.  Proper calculations were made to allow for the 1/8" reveal between doors - The integrity of the pattern doesn't break with the gaps.