Introducing Expressions!

We're launching a new design capability!

Check out these ideas for using graphics to customize cabinetry & furniture. We're partnering with Dolan Printing to open the doors to tons of new creative options.

This could be an image you already have, a graphic or photograph custom designed for you, or even a stock photo.

We have an in-house graphic designer and all the resources you'll need to see a project from concept to completion.

Expressions Handout pg1
Expressions Handout pg2

Expressions Information Sheet

Below:  Custom design process creating the graphic for a large barndoor.

Illustrator Screengrab Example

Printing directly onto the solid wood, rustic alder door at Dolan Printing who neighbors us just next door.

web_Oce Arizona 550 XT_014
web_Oce Arizona 550 XT_018
web_Oce Arizona 550 XT_010

Finished Product- This door is 94 x 54" made of solid rustic alder and nearly 2" thick.


Below: A stock illustration which started out as B&W is getting sized and color toned to match a specific Benjamin Moore color.

Illustration screengrab Example 2

Finished cabinet with graphic printed across the 4 doors.  Spacing was created in perfect detail to compensate for the 1/8" reveals between the doors so that the pattern would never break.


Both pictures & illustrations can be used together to customize even an inset door panel.