Cabinetry is a large, long lasting investment in your home. We all want value for our time and money and finding the right value for your project is a complex combination of numerous factors. Price is a trade off between competing factors. We recommend a process we call “Value Engineering”.  This process works by integrating the design, engineering and budgeting process together.  At STEVEN Cabinets we work directly with you or with your designer or architect during the design process. This gives you access to technical expertise, samples, photos and ideas upfront. Knowing your options and the costs of those options during the design phase helps you ”value engineer” your project .

Many people are disappointed if they wait until a design is “done” and then bid it, as they often miss the mark on budget and aren’t aware of all the possibilities or technical challenges. The Value Engineering process saves time, design costs, avoids disappointment and achieves the best possible outcome.

Below are some of the things to consider when making decisions that affect value.

Aesthetics - This includes style, finish, wood species and optional accessories.  Is the installation seamless without gaps and fillers?

Quality- Do the slides and hinges close smoothly and softly? Is the joinery seamless and quality materials used in the right way? Is the finish lustrous and silky smooth to the touch? Is the finish catalyzed and UV resistant to minimize fading?  What is the warranty?

Durability - Cabinets get dings and scratches and have moving parts that need to function smoothly through years of use.  Check material thickness and joinery. What are the weight tolerances on the slides? Are the accessories solid metal and wood or lightweight plastic and wire? See our article “Cabinetry 101“ for what to look for in cabinetry construction.

Service –Is communication clear and documented so you understand what is included? What is the reputation for on time delivery and respect for your home during installation? Will the company be there to service the product and stand behind their warranty? Ask for past client references.

Options- Adding pull-outs, moldings, glass, glazing, etc. will make a huge difference in price.  Some accessories add to conveniences, some to aesthetics.

Price- If you have a set budget, make sure to identify the priority of the above considerations up front. To achieve a different price, any of the above items can be altered.  Remember, you typically get what you pay for. A price that seems too good to be true probably is not a value in the end. Large discrepancies in prices from different companies are usually an indicator of unclear specifications or trying to price a high quality product against a lower quality one.

We’d highly recommend checking out our “Tips on Estimates, Bids and Budgets” to help you further with getting started or contact one of our Project Managers for a no obligation initial review.